San Diego Reader – March 2019 – Oh Bobboi, it’s gelato season

March 13, 2019 0

La Jolla gelato maker bringing its small batches to Little Italy

San Diego Reader, March 2019, We’ve all waited patiently for sunny weather and daylight savings to return, and now that they have, we need to turn our attention back to ice cream. Rather, gelato.
Bobboi Natural Gelato, if I’m being picky. The couple behind Bobboi studied the gelato craft in their native Italy before moving here to set up shop in the La Jolla village.

Made right, gelato is more dense than regular ice cream, because there’s less air whipped into it, and a lower concentration of fat. Hence, a smoother texture, and more room for added flavors to shine through. Because Bobboi makes its gelato in small batches, always from scratch, it can produce an array of rotating flavors made from fresh and/or decadent ingredients.

For example, Bobboi’s pistachio della festa flavor features loads of pureed organic pistachios, Amarena cherries sourced from Italy, and dark chocolate shards made in its small kitchen at the back of the shop. It’s outstanding, but it goes fast, so count yourself lucky to find it on the menu.

Even if you do, take the opportunity to taste several flavors when it’s your turn at the counter. There are dozens to choose from, including vegan sorbets, and you’ll likely have to spend some time in line before you get there, so make the most of it. $3.95 will give you a single flavor in cup or cone, but for $4.60 you can get two choices, and three for a little more.

I had great luck pairing a dark chocolate sorbet with a pink gelato flavored with locally grown blood oranges. Another visit, I tried a truly nutty combination dubbed Mediterraneo, made with pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts. It’s kind of amazing how smoothly the nuts blend into the frozen cream.

Keep an eye on fruit flavors that change depending on season; most feature locally sourced, organic produce. One combination features dragon fruit and meyer lemon. Another blueberry and lavender. You might find ingredients such as caramel, vanilla, saffron, goat cheese, or activated charcoal.

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